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School Meals

Term 2 and 3 Menu 2020/21

Please note the following information and guidance for all children with special dietary needs:

All school meals must be ordered by yourselves online, via our SCOPAY facility.  School meals cost £2.30 each, unless you are entitled to free school meals, and must be ordered online by Thursday for the following week.


Please be aware that any late meal orders are now subject to food availability as our catering staff will order food based on the numbers of online meals ordered.  Late meals can only be requested on a daily basis at a charge of £2.80 (if applicable) but will be subject to availability, and must be received by 9.30am.


Meals for children attending Pre School cost £1.75 and meals for adults cost £2.76 (inc VAT).


Menus are changed twice yearly and run on a 3 week rotation of meal choices.

All menus are on the school website and on your SCOPAY account.  All meals must be paid for before they are taken. 


Please follow the link above to register your online ordering.