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Hello Year 3, I hope you enjoy these summer challenges.


One of the books I will be reading with you in September is Billy and the Minpins.  This book is written by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quintin Blake.  The book is full of silly, made up, monsters with equally silly names.  Can you draw your own made up monster and give them a name?  Maybe you could tell me a bit about them.  Here is a video link to Quintin Blake showing you what he thinks one of the monsters may look like.



Upcycle something from around your home.

Did you know it is much better to reuse things than throw them away, even if you put them into recycling?  Can you have a go at upcycling something by using something you already have and turning it into something else.   I’ve given you a few ideas below, but I bet you can think of lots more!

Make a flower pot or a mini veg garden from an old juice carton

Turn a cereal box into a magazine holder

Re-use food cans as pencil holders

Remember to always ask for permission before you start to cut things up!





Can you make lunch for your family?  Some of my  favourite lunches are beans on toast or salad sandwiches – what are yours?  Can you ask a grown up to show you how to make a sandwich or toast?  Other useful lunches you could make include scrambled egg or jacket potatoes.  How could you make this a healthy lunch?




I would like you to think of your favourite things, this could include food, games, tv shows or animals.  When you have a nice long list can you try to put them in alphabetical order?  Do you think you can think of enough items to have one for each letter of the alphabet – you can be a bit creative with this, after all, I’m sure you all have a favourite umbrella, vase, wheel, yazoo and zoo?


Can you draw a self-portrait of yourself?  Around the outside you could draw things you like.  It will really help me to get to know you before we start in September.


Can you make a map of your local area? Remember to include all the important landmarks including good parks and shops.  I am new to the area, so it will really help me find my way around.


Thanks everyone - I look forward to seeing what you create.

Mrs McKay