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Hi Year 2,

I hope that you are having a wonderful summer and are looking forward to starting school again in September. I have written five challenges for you to try and complete over the summer break if you wish!


1. Our first History topic in term one will be about the different types of travel and transport, including how they have developed over time.  Could you name eight different methods of transport? How many of these have you used? Pick the one you know least about and find five interesting facts about them ready to share in term one.


2. Imagine you could design your own bedroom, exactly how you want it! What colours would you paint it? What toys would you have? Create a picture of your dream bedroom and then write sentences underneath describing what is inside!


3. Do you know what a family tree is? Talk to your family about what that means! I wonder if you can create a poster of your family tree? How far back can you go?


4.How many of the ten books below can you read during the holidays? 

  • Grandad’s Secret Giant by David Litchfield
  • Mr Wolf’s pancakes by Jan Fearnley
  • That rabbit belongs to Emily Brown by Cressida Cowell
  • Toys in Space by Mini Grey
  • Sophie’s snail by Dick King-Smith
  • We build our homes by Laura Knowles
  • The Troll by Julia Donaldson
  • Mr Majeika by Humphrey Carpenter
  • The big book of the blue by Yuval Zommer
  • Spyder by Matt Carr


5.In our first Geography topic, we will be creating our very own maps with symbols and a key! Can you have a look at some examples of maps? Maybe you could have a go at following a map to somewhere new with your family? Or, could you have a go at creating a map of the road that you live on or the area you livein?




If you want some additional activities to do, use the following websites:

See you in September!

Mrs Lambert