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Six Summer Challenges for the new Year 5

  1. Create your own “happy box”:

Find a box around the house – this could be a small cardboard box or cereal box. Decorate the box: you could use felt tips, crayons, or even collage the box exterior. Then fill your box with things that make you happy. Finally, get an adult to help you take a picture of your box. The picture could be brought to class in September or emailed to


1. Write an acrostic poem for the word “reading”, describing books/comics/magazines you have read, your favourite authors, or your favourite characters.


2. Find the most imaginative, unusual or interesting place to read. Write a diary entry describing what it was like to read in your chosen place and why you chose it. Explain what was different and what was the same compared to your normal reading place.


3. Lots of people have started walking, running and cycling more since lockdown. Record a “keeping active diary” for a week. See how many places you can visit in one week by walking, running, cycling, scooting or skipping. Make sure you check with an adult before leaving your home.


4. Think about all the benefits and advantages of running, walking and cycling to our destination rather than using our cars (eg. keeping healthy, being kind to the planet etc). Design a poster persuading people to walk and cycle rather than using their cars; think back to our sustainability topic at the beginning of the year for inspiration. You could even ask an adult to record you presenting your poster on a tablet or phone.


5. Practise tying your shoe laces. See how fast you can do both shoes – my record is 13 seconds for double knots on both shoes. Now write an instruction text for a younger child, explaining how to tie shoe laces. Remember to keep the language simple and concise, and you could also include illustrations.