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Hi Year 1,

I hope that you’re having a lovely summer. I have written 5 challenges for you to try and complete over the summer break.

1. Our first History topic in Term 1 will be about our families and how family life has changed. Could you interview different members of your family and find out how life has changed since they were a child (e.g – toys, music, shopping, holidays and education).

2. Investigate the different types of animals, how could you classify them? (Mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles). 

3. Make a poster, video, presentation or piece of artwork to introduce yourself and tell me all about you for September. What do you like or dislike? What games do you like to play? How old are you? What food do you like?

4. Read and discuss 5 different types of text (e.g – a poem, fiction book, non-fiction book, comic and magazine).

5. Learn to bake or cook something new. Can you use a range of different equipment such as a measuring jug or peeler? You could take photos of each stage and write a set of instructions for how you made it.


If you want some additional activities to do, use the following websites:

See you in September!

Mr Conlan