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Mr Buckland's Class

Year 6 Challenges

  1. Make a fitness routine and put your family through their paces. Look at some of the examples Joe Wicks created during Lockdown and use these to create your own routine!
  2. Try to read at least one new book a week! You could even write short reviews of them to add to our ‘BookFlix’ display next year.
  3. Use the resources in your house to make a musical instrument! Perhaps you could involve your whole family and perform as a headline act in your own music festival!
  4. Watch examples of David Attenborough’s wildlife documentaries (there are some fantastic examples on BBC iPlayer) and then have a go at creating your own! It could be about a pet or animal you find in the wild!
  5. Research WW2 ready for one of our topics this year – perhaps you could create a fact file of the information you have found!
  6. Recreate a scene from your favourite movie! Film and edit your clip – can you get it to replicate the original? Perhaps you could involve your family and hold your own movie premier!