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Summer Challenge for Nursery


We hope you all have a fabulous summer break. We are very excited to see you all in September. In the meantime, here are six challenges for the Nursery children to complete at home.



Challenge 1:



Make a campsite in your garden or living room. Pretend to go camping for a night. Make a pretend bonfire and get the children to think about what they might need. You might make a den in the living room or put a tent up in the garden if you have one. You could also take a bedtime story to your campsite to share.

Remember to also look up at the stars!



Challenge 2:



Go for a Teddy bear picnic in a park or your own garden. Plan your picnic by making lists together of what they might need, go to the shops to buy the items together. Remember to always be asking your children questions or telling them the correct words for items to help develop their language.

They could then help to make sandwiches or bake some cakes for the picnic. Ask them to help you pack the picnic and think about what they will need. Don’t forget the Teddy Bear!

You might even take some games to play such as a ball to play piggy in the middle, football or catch. Then enjoy your picnic!




Challenge 3:



Go Treasure hunting! The adults could create a treasure hunt around the house, garden or even go looking around the park for things.

Your child could then make their own treasure hunt.



Challenge 4:



Go for a walk either in the countryside, to a park or maybe a little bit further to Coate Water Country Park. During your walk see how many of these things you can do:

  • Spot wildlife. How many different animals can you see? Take a piece of paper & crayon with you to do bark rubbings or leaf rubbings.
  • Feed the ducks.
  • Make some noise. Pick up some sticks of different sizes & textures, bang them against a tree. What noise do they make?
  • Collect some twigs, leaves, and stones to make some pictures with them. Write out their name or lay out a trail to follow.
  • Climb trees. Do make sure the tree is safe to climb and supervise all the time.
  • Play hide and seek. This game has stood the test of time, you can’t go wrong with a game of hide-and-seek. Tree’s make great places to hid behind.
  • Hug a tree. Find a tree and give it a hug! What does it feel like? All hold hands around a tree, can you complete the circle? Find a tree & guess how many people you would need to completely hug the tree, then have a go! Can you find a tree that’s too big to hug?
  • Take a camera. Get the children to take photos of any interesting things they find. This could be an animal they spot or an interesting tree. When you get home, upload their photos and let them admire their work.
  • Splash in puddles, jump over them. Who can make the biggest splash? Warning this could get very messy!
  • Find a stone or conker –  take it with you on the walk. Kick it as you walk along. This is good when little legs are getting tired and need a little bit of motivation to keep walking that last little bit.



Challenge 5:



Here is a rainy day challenge! Create your own cinema at home. Get the children to make tickets for the pretend cinema. You could make some popcorn together and watch the kernels pop.


Set up the at home cinema with cushions on the floor or use chairs. You could even try and make a pretend drive-thru cinema by getting some large boxes and turning them into a car for your child to sit in.  

Finally enjoy your movie together.




Challenge 6:



A challenge for a very hot sunny day.

Have a water fight!

You could get your paddling pool out and pretend you are at the beach. If you have not got a garden you could find a stream to safely paddle in. You could also make some amazing water art just on the pavement.

If it is raining all summer… enjoy getting wet and go and jump in some puddles. See if you can find the biggest puddle ever.


We look forward to hearing all about the challenges when they return or start Nursery. 

From the Nursery Team.